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Heath Camp for Brick Factory Child Worker and their Parents- Phase - I - RAC Tripureswor

Heath Camp for Brick Factory Child Worker and their Parents- Phase - I
2012-02-10 / 2012-02-10  |  
Venue : B. M. Bricks factory, Bhaktapur
Objectives : 1)To examine the health condition of factory workers 2)To minimize the risk factor of health hazardous condition
Jointly with : Rotary Club of Tripureswor, Rotaract Club of Rudramati, Concern Nepal and Save the Children


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Sudal is a village and village development committee in Bhaktapur district . It is a semi urban area of Bhaktapur. Sudal VDC hold numerous brick factory and thousands of workers are engaged on them. Mainly these factories are being run by following ancient way of production which is being a chief factor on degrading the health status of workers those who are engaged on it. As to examine this problem from nearer Rotaract Club of Tripureshowr organized two health camps at two different places on two different days.

The program was titled as Health camp for Brick Factory Child Workers and their parents. The program was organized on a team effort with Rotary Club of Tripureshowr, Rotaract Club of Rudramati, Save the Children, and Concern Nepal. The program mainly was focused on brick factory worker, those who are working as a labour force on it. In this program professional health workers were engaged to examine the workers health. Our team also distributed medicine to the needy group.

Our team also explores various negative consequences on the health of labour due to worst form of working condition. Some of them are also developing alcoholic habit due to of such unfavorable condition. Some of them also were worrying by stating that they have uncertain future due to lack of services and facilities. After making this two health camp worthy our team felt that beside health camp there are various arena inside brick factory where Rotractor could intervene like, solving the problem of substance abuse, helping them to demand a favourable working condition and also to for securing their future.

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